Ementa do curso de sociedade e cultura chinesa

“Chinese Society and Culture”


Lectures in English
With multimedia PPT
36 Lecture Hours



This lesson incluing three topics: ‘Start to know China’, ‘Hometown Introducing’ and ‘Something about China’. Briefly introduce the division of China’s land, terrain, population, ethnicity, and administrative regions. And ask the students to briefly introduce their hometown: location, population, characteristics, and local products. Introduce things with Chinese characteristics.

GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY 地理环境与历史 (4 Hours)

This lesson incluing three topics: ‘Geographical Environment’, ‘History of China’ and ‘Major Migrations’. Introduce China’s maps and basic geographic topography, countries bordering the border, major mountain ranges and major river systems, and meteorological features.
Briefly introduce the history of China, the historical division of the dynasties, archaeological artifacts, and cultural heritage.
Briefly introduce the major population migrations in Chinese history and the current population distribution.

CHINESE MUSIC 中国音乐 (4 Hours)

This lesson incluing three topics: ‘Pentatonic Scale’, ‘Chinese Musical Instruments’ and ‘Chinese Music Appreciation’. Introduce the formation and characteristics of Chinese music pentatonic scale. A brief introduction to Chinese ancient and modern musical instruments and the composition of bands or ochestras. Introduce the basic characteristics of Chinese music and the characteristics of music in different regions. Appreciation and Analysis of Famous Chinese Music.


This lesson incluing six topics: ‘Classification of Chinese Painting’,’The Four Treasures of the Study’,’Four Arts Integration’,’Brushworks of Chinese Painting’,’Chinese Painting Appreciation’and’Chinese Painting Practice’.
Briefly and concisely introduce the basic characteristics of Chinese painting, Chinese painting tools, painting techniques and theories. Analyze and appreciate the top ten famous Chinese paintings. Instruct students to learn basic Chinese painting techniques and conduct class exercises.

CULTURE & THOUGHTS 文化与思想 (4 Hours)

This lesson incluing three topics:’Chinese Language’,’Chinese Thoughts’ and ‘Chinese Culture’. Introduce the formation and change of Chinese characters. Briefly introduce the Chinese dialect and its distribution. Introduce China’s great thinkers and their main ideas. Briefly introduce the Chinese classic philosophy and social influence. Introduce the basic connotation of traditional Chinese culture.

CHINESE GARDEN 中国园林 (4 Hours)

This lesson incluing three topics: ‘Introduction of Chinese Garden’,’Chinese Garden View’ and ‘Feel Ingenuity in Garden’. Introduce the history and characteristics of Chinese gardens, the art and theory of constructing garden , and garden culture. Analyze and appreciate different types of famous Chinese gardens. The basic elements and implications of Chinese garden construction.

TEA, LIFE & CUSTUM 茶、生活与习俗 (4 Hours)

This lesson incluing three topics: ‘Chinese Tea Culture’,’Chinese Folklore’ and ‘Festival & Customs’. Introduce the characteristics, history, classification and drinking tea customs. Introduce tea preparing, tea skill, tea ceremony and other Chinese tea culture. Introduce China’s major folk customs and related social cultures. Introduce China’s seven major festivals and related customs.

PRESENTATION 交流演讲 (4 Hours)

This lesson incluing three topics:’Chinese Political System’,’Chinese Opening Culture’ and ‘Globalization’. Introduce China’s national political system and government composition. The composition and operation of the central and local governments at all levels. Introduce the development process and reform and opening up of contemporary China. From reform and opening to active participation in the process of globalization. The “One Belt One Road Initiative” and the “community of shared destiny” are proposed and actively practiced to lead the future.


Coursework Requirement

*Coursework A :Cross culture study (>3000 words), ( 50 for full)
Describe three impressive things about your country, and, describe three impressive things about China too. Comparing these things, try to find the difference and similitude between Chinese society and your homeland (objective, intelligible, coherence)

*Coursework B :Presentation Document(15~25 Slides), (50 for full)
Presentation PPT or PDF, 15~25 Slides. Introducing the culture of your country and your hometown.